Is a busy book for me? (QUIZ)

I already know what it is and what benefits a quiet book gives a child - but is it for me?

If you are one of the people who have not had contact with quiet books or if you want to expand your knowledge, be sure to read this article:

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If you already know what it is, read on!

"TimoSimo's quiet book is not an ordinary toy, nor is it a typical book - it is the most valuable gift I have given my child"

This is one of the opinions we received from our clients that stuck in my memory. And there is something to it because it is not an isolated comment from the person who purchased the quiet book.

But just because something delights our customers doesn't mean it will delight you too. That is why we have prepared a small quiz for you that will allow you to find the answer to the question: is the quiet book also for you. Answer YES or NO, let's go!


① I want to buy my child valuable things that not only entertain but also teach. I can spend money in 5 minutes, but when I want to buy something thoughtful - I have a real challenge

② I am fed up with more plastic toys and traditional books, on each side my child gets another and another ... I spend more time cleaning the child's room than playing. My house looks more and more like a warehouse, and after cleaning it: a toy store

③ I like original, unique things. I appreciate modern handicrafts and small productions. I am familiar with the word "handmade". I'd rather buy something "with soul" than another mass-produced item that a thousand other people have

④ I choose quality over quantity. I prefer to buy one item of better quality that will serve me longer than a few that I will throw into the trash after a short time

⑥ I am looking for an idea for a valuable gift for a child aged 0-6. Gift for birth, baby shower, baptism, one year old, birthday. There are many opportunities. I don't just want to check off my next task. I want to make the right decision.

⑦ My child had psychophysical problems. We were offered exercises in sensory integration

⑧ I don't see any problems in my child's psychophysical development, but I don't want them to ever occur

⑨ I like to get out of the crowd, sometimes go against the flow and escape from what is standard, template, and shown in the mass media

⑩ I am a parent of a child aged 0-6, I love them, I care for them and their development

If the answer is NO more often - it's okay, it's just that this product is not for you.

If predominate YES the quiet book is for you and your child!

So the last question remains - what book should I buy. Although we can confidently call ourselves the leader of quiet books , we are not the only ones.
In this article:

7 reasons why you should choose TimoSimo

we will present you 7 reasons why you should choose us! We hope to convince you too, just like many of our clients :)

P.S. If you still have doubts as to whether quiet books are for you, don't give up. Ask your friends, chances are they already have some kind of quiet book.
You can also ask us at contact@timosimo.pl. We will answer every message!