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Leading producer of quiet books in Poland presents:

Queit Book for toddler 1+ Safari Train

For whom?

The Safari Train book with puppets is a fantastic gift idea for a child from the age of one to 3 years


✔ It's great learning while having fun! Small motor skills training thanks to Velcro elements, learning the first numbers, letters and shapes.

✔ The quiet book also stimulates the development of the senses: touch (various textures of fabrics), sight (colored elements of the book), hearing (rustling pages).

✔ Unlimited possibilities for creative and valuable fun with the Safari Train! It is also a great opportunity for a parent to play with a child and for siblings to play together.

Product description

The quiet book is made in the form of a rustling accordion, it can be spread on the floor and play creatively in a theater, where the main role will be cute animals: a giraffe, a tiger, an elephant and a teddy bear.

The unfolded book is a colorful train with wagons, in each cart there is a large puppet for full handle for role-play fun. What's more, the front cover of the book already hides a surprise - mini puppet-puppets. Thanks to this, you can play an unlimited number of games, e.g. a parent (a large puppet) and a child (a small puppet).

✔ You decide on the color of the outer cover of our book! Choose pink or sky blue.

Additional information

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Dimensions: L 30cm x W 30cm ( folded book)
Number of pages: 4 (+ cover)
Material composition: cotton and felt.
Cleaning: gentle hand washing or washing in a washing machine 30 degrees without spinning

All materials used are of the highest quality and have the necessary certificates.
Handmade product - the colors of the elements may slightly differ from that shown in the photo.

The product may be used by a child ONLY in the presence of a parent!
Remember, your child's safety is paramount!
This book is not suitable for children under the age of 1.