Leading producer of sensory books in Poland presents:

Queit Book sensory book Preschoolers 5+

For whom?

A real treat for older children! Book dedicated to 5 and 6 year olds!


Perfect for learning to read, write and count. Perfect for helping prepare your child for kindergarten and first grade!

Product description

It has as many as six sensory pages with different tasks.

The cover is a cute dog, which has a hidden bone in its mouth - a bookmark.

The first page is learning to count - the child teaches first addition and subtraction operations. This page is also about learning how to put together simple math operations.

The next page is a tic-tac-toe logic game: you can play with your siblings or parents.

The third and fourth pages are a wooden abacus that is necessary for learning mathematics.

The last two pages are a collection of letters from the Polish alphabet for creating the first words - learning the alphabet, writing and reading.

✔ A wonderful set of activities that will help you prepare your child for kindergarten and first grade through playful learning.

Additional information

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Dimensions: L 30cm x W 30cm
Number of pages: 6 (+ cover)
Material composition: cotton and felt.
Cleaning: gentle hand wash or machine wash 30 degrees without spin

All materials used are of the highest quality and have the necessary certificates.
Handmade product - the colors of the elements may slightly differ from the one presented in the photo.

Book not suitable for children under 3 years of age