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A leading producer of sensory books in Poland presents:

Sensory mat for a 1+ child

Who is it for?

The 1+ sensory mat is ideal for a child from the age of one to 3 years.


The sensory mat 1+ stimulates the development of the senses: sight (colored elements), touch (various fabric textures) and hearing (rustling parts of the mat).

Product description

The upper part of the mat is the first puzzle - a cheerful kitty to position and exercise the handle, a zipper - to fasten and unfasten and a colorful rainbow. Thanks to this part of the mat, the child exercises concentration, learns to play in silence and concentration. These games are also helpful in the development of logical thinking and fine motor skills training (Velcro elements).

The middle part of the mat is a line with finger puppets to play roles. Thanks to this part of the mat, the child can play in a puppet theater with sweet safari animals. These games help to develop the child's creativity and imagination.
Moreover, there are Velcro mobile elements that the child must adjust appropriately (logical thinking exercise). It is a perfect form for parent-child play.

The bottom part of the mat is learning the first letters of the alphabet, numbers and shapes. This part of the mat is rustling, which affects the development of a toddler's hearing.

✔ Designed in such a way that more than 1 child can use the mat at the same time, it works well in playing together, e.g. siblings.

✔ Great for travel, foldable and easy to carry. It doesn't take up much space.

✔ A great gift for one year and more.

Additional information

Full video product presentation: watch youtube


Dimensions: length 80cm x width 80cm (unfolded), length 40cm x width 40cm (folded)
Material composition: cotton, minky fleece , felt.
Hypoallergenic filling.
Cleaning: gentle hand wash or machine wash 30 degrees without spinning

All materials used are of the highest quality and have the necessary certificates.
Handmade product - the colors of the elements may slightly differ from that shown in the photo.

The product may be used by a child ONLY in the presence of a parent!
Remember, your child's safety is the most important thing!
The mat is not suitable for children under the age of 1.