Can handmade products be cheap?

TimoSimo handmade products mean:
⓵ high quality of workmanship and materials used
⓶ uniqueness, each product is different than the previous one
⓷ fast shipment to your door

What about the price? After all, we cannot compete with large producers of mass products, often made in China. Handmade products are labor-intensive, made of better materials and have "something" that a serial product does not have. But do they always have to be more expensive?

We have good news for you! A dozen or so products are waiting for you in PROMOTION in our offer! Up to 70% off the normal price! You will gain from 20 to even 100 PLN depending on the product.

Are these products inferior, with some deficiencies?
NO - these are wholesome products that are here only because we have to make room for new products. Our "storage" options are unfortunately limited :(

Don't wait - last items left ... Immediate shipping!

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