A leading producer of quiet books in Poland presents:

Queit Book for toddlers 1+

For whom?

A quiet book for a one-year-old and a two-year-old.

Quiet books are recommended to all parents who value valuable, high-quality, unique products and care for their child's development.


The quiet book has many benefits for your child:

① entertains - it has many elements that draw the child's attention, but are not intrusive and loud. Perfect when we need to take care of the house or ourselves :) Great montessori help, creates unlimited possibilities for fun

② develops on many levels - teaches logical thinking, develops imagination and stimulates the child's creativity, exercises dexterity, stimulates the senses: touch, sight, hearing. Support for the natural development of the child

③ teaches - our child's first aid. Each page provides creative tasks. Develops practical skills useful in later life

④ calms down - effectively focuses the child's attention for a longer period of time, which is not easy nowadays. Mutes when the baby is agitated, great for bedtime

⑤ integrating - ideal for spending valuable family time together. It deepens the parent-child bond

⑥ therapeutic help - in the case of a child's development deficit, for example fine motor skills - an ideal exercise aid

⑦ the first "reading" - the child learns to deal with the book, parents have the opportunity to introduce the child to the habit of reading from the first years

Product Description

✔ Page 1: Shapes-figures and colors

Shape and color matching. Learning geometric figures. Learning new names of colors and shapes. Here the child will learn names such as: star, circle, oval, rectangle, square, triangle, heart, square. Thanks to this exercise, he will properly match the color with the shape.
He exercises fine motor skills thanks to Velcro elements and improves hand-eye coordination.

✔ Page 2 and 3: Farm animals

Beloved site of all children and parents! Great fun in the spirit of Montessori, i.e. puppet theater: animals on the farm. All mobile components. A cheerful cow is hidden in the cowshed. A duckling is swimming in the pond and a great sun is shining in the sky. There are vegetables and fruits hidden in the grass - the favorite delicacies of animals. Time to feed the little hungry ones. What is our tractor carrying? On the menu today: carrots, lettuce, beetroots and apples. The ones who enjoy their food the most are: chicken, mouse and pig.

✔ Page 4: Teddy bear in the crib

A teddy bear in a crib is not a random page. It was created at your request, Dear Parents. The baby learns by imitation, and thanks to the teddy bear that is always sleeping, taking a nap will never be a problem for him again. All you have to do is ask the child to put the teddy bear in the crib, and we guarantee that he will do it very quickly :)


✔ Handmade quiet book
✔ The largest quiet book on the market, 30x30cm! Entirely fabric, sewn along the entire width of the page. Only material books are real quiet books!
✔ Safety is our top priority! No small elements, everything neatly sewn, not glued. The book is carefully checked before shipment
✔ We only use a few basic materials: felt, cotton, wool. They are all safe for children. Cotton and cotton wool are antiallergic and have OEKO-TEX quality certificates.
✔ Queit books are recommended by speech therapists, child psychologists and physiotherapists for the proper development of a child's senses, pronunciation and movement exercises
✔ Quiet book for one year old and the second baby's birthday. It also works as a baptism gift
✔ Shipping within 24 hours, 2 days after placing the order, the book is in your hands!
✔ Our Bestseller - the most popular TimoSimo product. Numerous positive customer comments, over 1,000 grades and an average grade of 4.9!

NOTE! Possibility to prepare an label in English: "My first book". Please comment in your order.

Additional information

Full video product presentation: watch on youtube

4-step guide to quiet books:

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Step 2 - Complete Guide the benefits of quiet books

Step 3 - Find out or the quiet book is for you (QUIZ)

Step 4 - 7 reasons to choose TimoSimo


Dimensions: L 30cm x W 30cm
Number of pages: 4 (+ cover)
Material composition: cotton and felt
Cleaning: gentle hand wash or wash washing machine 30st without spinning

All materials used are of the highest quality and have the necessary certificates.
Handmade product - the colors of the elements may slightly differ from the one presented in the photo.

The product may be used by a child ONLY in the presence of a parent!
Remember, your child's safety the most important thing!
Book not suitable for children under the age of 1.

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2020-04-09 09:17:32 - Mama

Książeczka sensoryczna 1+ to świetna forma nauki przez zabawę! Akurat nasze dziecko uczęszcza do żłobka Montessori i ta książeczka uszyta jest w zgodzie z tą metodą. Dbałość o każdy detal szycia i wartościowa edukacyjna książka. Dla mnie produkt idealny dla dziecka w wieku 1-3 lata.

2020-04-10 15:54:40 - :)

od czasu gdy jestem mamą dwa razy się zachwyciłam rzeczami dla mojego synka . I były to właśnie te książeczki.. . całe szczęście zamówiłam od razu dwie

2020-04-13 18:41:39 - Gosia

Mój synek uwielbia bawić się tą książeczką. Dostał ją na roczek od Chrzestnych i cały czas ćwiczy rączkę dzięki elementom na rzep i uwielbia kłaść misia spać. Polecam na prezent !Warto !

2020-04-17 14:45:18 - Cudowna książeczka ...

Córeczka ma 2 latka i uwielbia bawić się książeczką. Jej ukochana strona to ta z pacynkami na farmie. Wspólnie uwielbiamy wymyślać przedstawienia. Bardzo ładnie uszyte . Prezent na lata. Wartościowy.

2020-04-22 08:41:31 - Same zalety, mama Poli

Nic tak nie zajmuje syna, jak nauka kształtów i kolorów. Cały czas się nimi bawi, a ja -mam zas dla siebie ;)Polecam -warto ! Pięknie uszyte. Trwałe, na lata.

2020-04-23 11:23:44 - Świetna książeczka ! Maja

Moje Trojaczki dostały książeczkę na roczek i cały czas się nią bawią. Wspólnie się dzielą i przyklejają elementy.  Świetne do zajęć logopedycznych i ćwiczenia motoryki małej (nasz fizjoterapeuta nam polecił taką książkę i nie zawiedliśmy się! jest naprawdę świetna ! Uczy i bawi. Polecam.

2020-05-13 20:32:20 - polecam gorąco !

Jeśli chcesz kupić coś edukacyjnego, wykonanego z pasją i tak wartościowego- polecam tę książkę. Cena adekwatna do jakości wykonania. Preent na lata. Córka ma 2,5 roku i cały czas się nią bawi, a starszy brat , mimo,że ma 4 lata, też chętnię po nią sięga.

2020-10-03 15:35:51 - Marta

Ksiazeczka jest super! moge tylko polecic!! Malemu sie bardzo wszystko spodobalo, wyciaga zwierzadka i sie nimi bawi - a ten mis to hit! w dodatku uwielbia odrywac te figurki na rzepy, polecam!

2020-11-24 11:56:24 - Mama

Ja jestem po wrazeniem wykonania a corka pod wrazeniem wsystkiego :) ma niecale 21mc i jest wpatrzona w ksiazke jak w obrazek :)

2021-02-05 18:42:14 - Ewa

Trochę szorstki materiał w niektórych miejscach jak dla rocznego dziecka. Słaba kolorystyka